Side effects of viagra

Whether you mix 비아그라 정품 with alcohol or not, you can expect side effects of Viagra for those who need medical treatment. The most common side effects of ED medications are dizziness or headache, stomach upset or indigestion, and back or muscle pain. In rare cases, Viagra can cause a heart attack or stroke in… Continue reading Side effects of viagra

Drug information mix-up

Good news for anyone taking prescription drugs. Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Treatment . When sharing a small blue pill and a bottle of wine on Valentine’s Day date, you don’t have to choose. It is generally considered safe to drink the beverage while under the influence of 비아그라 정품 and similar drugs unless your alcohol intake… Continue reading Drug information mix-up

What to Expect When Taking Viagra

As with any drug, taking Viagra has the potential to cause side effects. The following are the most common side effects of Viagra. nauseaheadacheflushingclogged nosesnotblurred visionMuscle painsifterback paindizzinessrashHow long does Viagra last?Just one dose of 비아그라 정품 leaves the system within 8 hours and almost everything goes away after 24 hours. Most common, minor side… Continue reading What to Expect When Taking Viagra


Finally, Viagra began to be marketed in Korea. Before Viagra came out, men’s interest in Viagra was greater than their expectations for the new millennium. As there is a proverb that other people’s rice cakes look big, when news about the craze of Viagra from abroad only came through the media, there were many people… Continue reading Viagra

How specifically?

비아그라 정품 is currently sold in Korea as 2.5 mg, 5 mg, 10 mg, and 20 mg tablets. According to the manufacturer of Cialis, the recommended dose of Cialis for daily use is 2.5 mg. Take it at the same time each day, regardless of sex. However, clinically, taking the 5mg dose is the most… Continue reading How specifically?

Do you know the daily low-dose treatment for erectile dysfunction?

Various stories unfolded in the newly introduced “ All About Sexual Function ” last week. Among them, the question of low-dose daily therapy for erectile dysfunction treatment became a hot topic. Low-dose daily therapy is a treatment that has been introduced in Korea through clinical trials for several years with the aim of obtaining natural… Continue reading Do you know the daily low-dose treatment for erectile dysfunction?


Treatment for erectile dysfunction in men was developed by Pfizer Inc. and released under the trade name Viagra in 1998. It is usually used in the form of sildenafil citrate (sildenafil citrate). The blue diamond that comes to mind when you think of 비아그라 정품[1] The pill form often comes to mind, but generic drugs… Continue reading Sildenafil

Types of viagra and how to use it

As the Blue House explained on the 23rd that the bulk purchase of Viagra was intended to be used as a treatment for altitude sickness, interest in 비아그라 정품 is increasing. Medicines made for human pleasure rather than treatment are called ‘happy drugs’, and Viagra is a representative happy drug. However, there are many misunderstandings… Continue reading Types of viagra and how to use it