How to get 200% effectiveness of viagra

▣ What to eat?

In Korea, as in other countries, it is not yet possible to purchase medicines from pharmacies without a doctor’s prescription. So, if possible, it would be the greed of people to want to buy a larger amount of red skirts. It should not be overlooked that the problem of ‘side effects’ is hidden here. never!

If you want to take 비아그라 정품, you must get a prescription from your doctor, take only one tablet per day, and take it 1 hour before sexual intercourse. According to Pfizer, in most cases, a dose of 50 mg is adequate, and if Viagra does not seem to be working, it is recommended to switch to 100 mg and to 25 mg if side effects are felt.

However, this is the general case, and for people with liver problems or taking other medicines (you need a professional opinion from your doctor about whether Viagra can be taken together with other medicines) is a good idea to start with 25mg. Because these people may have problems metabolizing Viagra.

▣ It is better to eat this way.

One of Viagra’s greatest strengths is that it is ‘natural’. Simply swallowing a small pill with water an hour before having sex unleashes the power of a ‘passionate man’ when a man wants to love his partner. On the other hand, if you lack intimacy with your partner, Viagra can give you disappointing results. So, how natural is the drug? Does Viagra know that love begins in the heart?

비아그라 정품 takes effect 30 minutes to an hour after taking it. That’s why in America they joke about it.

Taking Viagra is like riding a ride at an amusement park. After an hour of waiting, you can have two minutes of fun.”

If so, what would you like to do during that time? That time is the right time for two people to create an atmosphere of love.

They sit close, caress, put their arms on their shoulders, and even have a lap pillow while having a friendly conversation. If you’re more romantic, you can light a candle to set the mood and play soft music in a low setting.

How about some wine? The answer is NO. Alcohol inhibits erection, and fatty foods delay the absorption of Viagra into the bloodstream, thus delaying the time it takes to reach the penis. However, even if the effect of Viagra appears late after eating a large amount of food, there is no need to worry as the effect will not be diminished.

▣ There is no need to rush.

After taking Viagra and having a successful erection after a long time, it is often the case that you become impatient to have sexual intercourse before the erection disappears. However, Viagra gives you enough time to achieve leisurely and satisfying intercourse with just one small pill.

According to Pfizer, the drug lasts from 30 minutes to 4 hours, but patients and their doctors who have used it say Viagra’s effects can last up to 12 hours. And sometimes, even after one erection and ejaculation, Viagra, which remains in the blood, is effective again. And there are reports of some patients getting an erection easier for 3 days after taking Viagra.

The ‘multiple sexual intercourses in one night’ in the novel is the desire of men to show off a strong man. It is true that there is a part of Viagra that makes that desire possible, but the important thing is sex that both people are satisfied with. If you do not rush and approach your partner with true love, Viagra will make the distance between you two even closer.

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