Treatment for erectile dysfunction in men was developed by Pfizer Inc. and released under the trade name Viagra in 1998. It is usually used in the form of sildenafil citrate (sildenafil citrate). The blue diamond that comes to mind when you think of 비아그라 정품[1] The pill form often comes to mind, but generic drugs are also available in powder form.

It was originally developed for the purpose of treating heart disease, but in the course of clinical trials, the effect of treating heart disease almost disappeared. However… an unexpected side effect of an erection was discovered in a patient who has prescribed the drug, and it was subsequently used as a treatment for erectile dysfunction. Since then, it has become so popular that the name “Viagra” has become synonymous with the treatment of erectile dysfunction. With only two drugs, Viagra and Lipitor, Pfizer became the top pharmaceutical company in sales in the US and was reborn as a first-class pharmaceutical company. That’s why Viagra, Lipitor, and Zoloft’s patents all expired in the 2010s.
Officially, the name Viagra was proposed by a Filipino American working for a company, and is the plural form of Viagra, meaning testicle in the Tagalog language, a native Filipino language. However, in the United States, there are many people who have doubts about this, and there is a story circulating that it is a combination of vigorous and Niagara Falls. For reference, the American pronunciation of Niagara is Niagara, and the American pronunciation of Viagra is Viagra. pronunciation is similar to each other.

[3] Around 1998, the National Institute of the Korean Language said that Viagra was correct ( # ), but now it has been hard since it has been hardened since it started with trademark registration, and it is impossible to correct it. In Japan, it is called Biagra.[4] On the other hand, in Sanskrit, 비아그라 정품 means tiger.
Nitric oxide (NO) activates an enzyme that turns GTP into cGMP. Blood vessels are wrapped in muscles. cGMP lowers the concentration of calcium ions in muscle cells (Ca 2+ causes muscles to contract). As a result, the muscles around blood vessels relax and blood vessels expand. Since Viagra has a structure similar to cyclic GMP (cGMP), phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5), an enzyme that degrades cGMP, often binds to Viagra instead of cGMP, thereby slowing cGMP degradation. As a result, blood vessels dilate. When blood vessels are dilated, blood flow to the cavernous body is more smoothly supplied, and as a result, it promotes erection. This does not mean that you will remain erect throughout the duration of the drug, but rather that it will make your erection easier and longer lasting. Its half-life is approximately 6 to 10 hours, and it takes twice as long for the drug to completely lose its effect. On the other hand, arginine

It helps erection in the opposite way to sildenafil. If sildenafil dilates blood vessels by blocking the breakdown of cGMP, arginine works with nitric oxide to activate cGMP and expand blood vessels. Also, sildenafil works immediately after taking it, but arginine needs to be taken continuously for several weeks to be effective. In other words, if you take sildenafil right before the sexual intercourse while continuously taking arginine, you can expect a stronger erection through synergy. However, since arginine is only one of several amino acids that make up protein, there is no need to take additional arginine supplements if you are already well-consuming protein in your daily diet.

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