Probability of double death and the role of Viagra

Some people worry about what they would do if they had sex when they were older and died in shame from something like a boss. But I want you to know and be concerned.

If you ask the professors in charge of cardiology, they say that it is extremely rare that patients come to the emergency room after having a heart attack or brain hemorrhage during sexual intercourse.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m hiding it, but it’s probably a helpful story. Another statistic shows that the ratio between toilet problems and sexual problems is 16 to 1, which means that sex is no more dangerous than defecation.

Of course, it is better to avoid vigorous sexual intercourse if you are short of breath even if you move a little. It is not because of sexual activity, but any exercise that is sudden or severe puts a strain on the heart, so it is necessary to regularly do exercises that increase heart rate and increase oxygen consumption.

MET is a unit for measuring the amount of work, and when resting as 1 MET, normal intercourse is 2-3 MET, whereas there is a report that 6 MET or more is consumed during an affair.

Most of the bosses happen in relationships with women other than their wives.

There is also a report that the partner of a man who died from a double boss was his lover (40%), followed by a waitress, a prostitute, the wife of a lover, a concubine, and the main wife in that order.

Usually, when I go 1km in 15 minutes, when I climb 20 stairs in 10 seconds, or when I climb two floors easily without a break, the amount of work is 3-4 MET, so if you can do this, you can say that it is relatively okay not to have an affair. will be able
In the past, men with erectile dysfunction would avoid sexual activity. Although there are various treatment methods, the number of patients who actually visited the sexual dysfunction clinic was extremely limited.

Dr. Jeong-man Jeong, a urologist, classified the treatment methods for erectile dysfunction into nine categories. Namely, build confidence, touch, paint, eat, stab, put, suck, fix, plant, etc.

Please do not be misunderstood as to erect erection by inserting a prostaglandin preparation, Muse, into the urethra, sucking and erection using negative pressure and inserting a ring, and implantation by placing an implant.

In any case, we can be said to be the lucky generation who can go through a very good world at least a little bit, but the best of these would be the use of 비아그라 정품-type drugs.

One of three sexual revolutions in the 20th century was the emergence of 비아그라 정품. The so-called PDE-5 inhibitor, a drug for erectile dysfunction, has led to a sharp increase in sexual activity among the elderly, and it is thought that the number of cases of abdominal pain increased significantly.

Interestingly, however, the frequency of double death increased slightly, but the frequency increased more in the young than in the elderly, in the healthy heart than in the heart disease patient.

This is because Viagra is used as a so-called party drug for excessive sexual activity or because it is used together with other drugs. In foreign countries, it is said that most of the young people who have group sex with multiple partners over the day are dependent on drugs.

Therefore, it seems that there is no need to worry about the relationship within a reasonable range with one’s spouse.

Viagra-based drugs are now universally recognized around the world and are recognized as the quintessence of the 20th century along with women’s hormone therapy. This is because, perhaps, the herb that Qin Shihuang was looking for, who was fascinated by alchemy and suffered from chronic mercury poisoning, died at the age of fifty, may have been a cure for erectile dysfunction. However, it is not necessary to have an erection to express sexuality. Men have three genitals, called the penis, fingers, and vocal cords. Some say that sex is something you do with your whole body, and some say that age is not that important.

And here, the vocal cords have nothing to do with the oral, and it is not meant to be as fresh as a woman watching a silent movie. It means to keep whispering sweet words like the swallows seduce married women.

If you run out of words, you can repeat the same words several times. After all, history proves that all the whispered words in the sexual expression were not fulfilled, so it is okay to exaggerate the expression of love. No, the more exaggerated the better.

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